Net Promoter Score for Oracle Eloqua

    Will your customers leave?

    As a customer loyalty metric the Net Promoter Score is an exceptional tool to determine whether a customer will recommend you to their peers, and perhaps more importantly their likelihood of sticking with you as other opportunities and vendors come within their sphere of influence. It’s based on the book “The Ultimate Question” by Fred Reichheld.”

    With a bit of implementation, Oracle Eloqua is an excellent platform for Net Promoter Score.

    Your Oracle Eloqua NPS implementation can include any or all of these:

    1. Kickoff Meeting to show you Eloqua-NPS examples and Best Practices
    2. Needs Analysis Meeting to determine your unique NPS requirements
    3. Design Document for your complete NPS Program
    4. Nurturing Email Program that:
      1. Announces the upcoming survey…waits
      2. Requests that they take the survey
      3. Thanks them if they have taken the survey (and removes them from future mailings)
      4. Reminds them if they have not taken the survey (2-3 times)
      5. Routes the survey within your organization based on particularly bad or good scores
    5. Summarized results using standard NPS (negative 100 to positive 100)
    6. Customized NPS Survey Page
    7. Excel Spreadsheet of Results for Deeper Analysis

    Your NPS email nurture program can be implemented to be:

    • Triggered by an event like a major purchase, upcoming renewal, or new customer onboarding
    • Scheduled to automatically occur 1 or 2 times a year

    Learn more about the customers who are promoters and detractors for your business with NPS.

    Don’t have an NPS implementation on Oracle Eloqua?

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