Segmentation Strategy 2

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation is the process of dividing your database into targeted lists. Your go-to marketing strategy, the data you collect, the digital behavior you track, and how well you know your personas will dictate how you target. The better you can define your audience, the more tailored your messaging can be. Demographics, products, content viewed, stage of the buyer’s journey, and account-based information are just a few examples of the kind of data useful in developing your strategy.

To read more about segmenting your audience, check out our free white paper “Segmentation Before Integration”.

The 4Thought Segmentation Strategy

Segmentation is one of the most challenging aspects of building your marketing strategy. However, it is also the quickest way to better campaign performance and will lay the groundwork for all campaigns you launch, from product announcements to funnel aligned nurtures. The 4Thought segmentation strategy is designed to help you define and create a standard set of filters and segments to use for every campaign and nurture. Beginning with your go-to market strategy, we will build the inclusions and exclusions for all segments and document how to use them. We will provide you with:

  • Your segmentation workbook
  • Data findings and recommendations
  • Segmentation build
Segmentation Strategy 3

The better you can target your leads, the higher your click-through rates and the lower your unsubscribe rates will be. Contact us to get started building a segmentation strategy that will increase your campaign success.