Dirty Data: Zombies in the System

Halloween is coming up soon! As your company adjusts planned promotional campaigns to be seasonally appropriate, you may be overlooking a Halloween disaster waiting to happen. Check your customer contact database. How much of it can politely be called “dirty data”? If too many of your contacts are unusable for one reason or another, youRead more

Stay Organized with an Eloqua Data Dictionary

What is an Eloqua Data Dictionary? Whether you are an Eloqua marketing veteran or a novice, just learning the ropes using your marketing automation platform, a Data Dictionary is an indispensable tool to keep your data organized and consistent.  It’s also a great reference as your business requirements and priorities change, making discussions for newRead more

Improve Data Quality with Upload Wizard

  Data quality is crucial for every organization. It affects almost every part of your marketing activities, from email deliverability and lead conversion to revenue generation. And you cannot accurately target and personalize your campaigns without complete and accurate data.  You can dramatically improve data quality by eliminating dirty data before it enters your system.Read more

Improve Your Eloqua Segmentation Game with Cloud Apps from 4Thought Marketing

  Key Steps for Improving Eloqua Segmentation The first page in your marketing operations playbook probably stresses the three R’s: Get the right message to the right people at the right time.  And it goes without saying that sending an email that isn’t timely or relevant won’t generate the desired results. For your campaign toRead more

Improve your Eloqua Data

Improve Your Eloqua Data Just how do you improve your Eloqua data?  It’s something every Marketing Automation professional deals with all the time. Because data comes from a wide variety of sources including Form Submissions, Lists, and other systems, sometimes, the data is not in the format you want or need. For example, you mightRead more

Why MAP is Important for Your CEO (MAP part 2)

In part 1, “What Every CMO Should Add to the Marketing Plan“, we talked about what the marketing automation plan (MAP) was.  But why is it important to the CEO that the CMO have one? CEOs are constantly reading, and many CEOs will expect you to be doing the things they’ve just read about. ButRead more