Eloqua Upload Wizard Streamlines List Uploads for Catalent

eloqua upload wizard

The Eloqua Upload Wizard from 4Thought Marketing is a game-changing tool for companies seeking to enhance their lead generation efforts. By streamlining the process of importing data, it can drastically reduce the time required to process new leads. This was especially true for Catalent, a global healthcare company who needed to improve the process for importing leads from their content syndication partners.


Like many businesses, Catalent collected lead data from customers who opted in to communications. The challenge arose when the data arrived from their partners, each in different formats and each using different data standards. This forced the Catalent team to continually repeat a lengthy manual process to apply data standards and prepare the data for import into Oracle Eloqua. Even then, Eloqua’s default list upload feature would often accept data that did not conform to their standards, further complicating the issue. The company soon turned to 4Thought Marketing for help.

Solution: The Eloqua Upload Wizard

4Thought’s team had the solution: the Eloqua Upload Wizard cloud app. The Eloqua Upload Wizard is designed to address data management challenges with its ability to handle large volumes of data with ease. The tool can also identify and address errors in uploaded data to improve the system over time.

 The Upload Wizard was designed with these benefits in mind:

  1. Enhanced efficiency: The Upload Wizard allows organizations to manage large volumes of data more efficiently, reducing the time required to process and analyze data lists.
  2. User friendliness: Uploading data does not require specific Eloqua training to use. Any user can upload files with simple training, distributing the work to multiple employees.
  3. Customization: With extensive customization options, the Upload Wizard can adapt to the specific needs of each customer.
  4. Error management: The tool helps in addressing errors and improving the system over time, minimizing troubleshooting efforts and making the resolution process easier.
  5. Easy implementation: The process of developing requirements for the Upload Wizard is relatively straightforward, especially for organizations with a well-defined standard operating procedure (SOP).
  6. Scalability: As data volumes continue to grow, the Upload Wizard is designed to scale with the needs of an organization, ensuring that it remains a valuable tool in the face of increasing data management challenges.
eloqua upload wizard

Results: More Efficient Lead Generation for Catalent

With the Eloqua Upload Wizard, what used to take Catalent’s marketing team up to 30 days can now be accomplished in just a few hours. This allows them to act on leads more quickly, get them to sales sooner, and close deals faster to gain a competitive edge in their industry.

One team member described her positive experience with the Upload Wizard, saying, “Due to having the Upload Wizard, we’re able to tackle data uploads with ease and in record time.” She also highlighted the app’s troubleshooting capabilities. “As I receive notifications of errors in the file, I can update a table or picklist with the correct value. Now the troubleshooting has minimized tremendously, and the resolution is much easier.”

For more details on the Upload Wizard solution, watch our recorded webinar where we talked with several members of the Catalent team.

Make your workday easier! Contact our team today to learn more about the Eloqua Upload Wizard.


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