Marketo Lead Scoring: An Overview

marketo lead scoring

Simply put, lead scoring is a method of assigning numerical values to leads primarily based on their characteristics and actions. The higher the rating, the more likely the lead is to grow to make a purchase. Lead scoring is a powerful function of the Marketo platform that allows users to prioritize leads primarily based on behavioral data. It also enables the alignment of advertising and sales efforts, and improves lead first-class and growth conversion fees.

Lead scoring may be divided into categories: person scoring and behavior scoring.

Person Scoring

Person scoring is primarily based on the lead’s demographic and firmographic attributes, which include name, identity, industry, corporation size, vicinity, and so forth, all normally amassed through information enrichment tools. Person scoring facilitates the identification of the lead’s fit for your products or services.

Behavior Scoring

Behavior scoring is based on the lead’s recorded activities, such as internet site visits, email clicks, form submissions, or event registrations. These behaviors are tracked with the aid of Marketo and mirror the lead’s degree of interest and engagement.

Lead Scoring: Building A Comprehensive User Profile

Combining person and behavior scoring can construct a detailed view of your lead, and can help  segment your leads into specific stages of the customer’s journey. This way, you could tailor your advertising campaigns and sales outreach to the lead’s wishes and possibilities.

Marketo Lead Scoring Best Practices

While managing your lead scoring process in Marketo, you must keep several important steps in mind. Always make sure to:

  • Align with sales regarding the definition and qualification of leads. This will ensure that both teams agree on lead scoring goals and standards and that the leads are passed to sales at the proper time and with the right facts.
  • Take both explicit and implicit facts into account for lead scoring. Explicit records are what the lead tells you about themselves—identity, industry, and so forth. Implicit information is what the lead suggests to you via their conduct—website visits, email clicks, etc. Both forms of records are critical to evaluating the lead.
  • Keep your lead scoring easy and obvious. Avoid using too many scoring guidelines or complex scoring formulas that can contradict each other.
  • Review and revise your lead scoring model often. This will help you to preserve your lead scoring model applicable even as your business goals, target marketplace, and client conduct change over time.
marketo lead scoring

How to Install Lead Scoring Software in Marketo

Finally: in order to begin lead scoring in Marketo, you first have to configure the necessary software. The process will look like this:

  1. Define your perfect patron profile and client personas. Use this to define the criteria and weights on your person scoring. For example, you could assign higher ratings to leads who suit your goal industry, role, or enterprise length.
  2. Define your lead lifecycle ranges and thresholds. This will help you to decide the standards and weights for your behavior scoring. For example, you could assign higher scores to leads who visit your pricing web page, download a whitepaper, or request a demo.
  3. Create a lead scoring model in Marketo. This is where you assign scores to different data points using smart campaigns. You can use tokens to make your scoring rules scalable, and use rating degradation to reduce the score of inactive leads over time.
  4. Test and optimize your lead scoring version. This is where you screen and analyze the overall performance of your lead scoring model and the usage of reports and dashboards. Consider using A/B testing or client feedback to compare distinctive scoring scenarios and find the preferable option.

Putting Marketo Lead Scoring into Practice

Lead scoring is an excellent way to understand your audience and what they want. When used effectively, it results in improved marketing campaigns and increased revenue. But what if you’re new to detailed lead scoring? That’s where we can help.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about Marketo lead scoring.


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