Update All Contacts COs

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Use this cloud action to update all associated records in a single CO with data stored on the contact or with static values within a contact program or campaign canvas.

Key Benefits

  • Update all mapped CO records in a set using contact data and static values
  • Useable in both Program and Campaign Canvases

Unlinked CO Mapper

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The Unlinked CO Mapper matches orphaned Eloqua Custom Objects records with matching Contact records to create a complete customer profile for your marketing campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Re-map custom objects with contact records previously removed for inactivity
  • Restore contact history for returning contacts
  • Enables Eloqua users to manage their contact count efficiently

Mass CO Deleter

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If you need to clean up your Eloqua Custom Data Objects and remove data for specific contacts, the Mass CO Deleter Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing is the perfect solution. From the app’s configuration screen, you can specify to remove all mapped CO records, all unmapped CO records, or both. You can also set exclusions for custom objects that you don’t want to remove records.

Key Benefits

  • Remove custom object data from mapped records, unmapped records or both
  • Set exclusion to keep data in certain custom objects
  • Bulk mode optimizes performance when processing more than 5,000 records

Embed CO Records in Email Table

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Embed CO Records in an Email Table

The Embed CO Records in Email Table Cloud Content App enables you to embed multiple rows of data from Eloqua Custom Objects (COs) into an email using HTML.

Key Benefits

  • Include data from multiple CO Records in a single email
  • Format table header, body, and footer using HTML

Eloqua Upload Wizard

Improve Data Quality at the Source

The Eloqua Upload Wizard marketers improve data quality by eliminating manual processing and removing poor-quality data for every employee using the tool. Enables non-Eloqua users to import data, potentially empowering folks in sales or other marketing departments to import data without risking the overall quality of your data. Upload Wizard allows you to let more people perform Eloqua uploads without compromising data quality.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates bad data at the source by applying all rules and data normalization to all new records
  • Enables non-Eloqua users to upload data without reducing quality safely
  • Provides improved notification for results and errors.

Custom Eloqua Cloud App Development

Custom Eloqua Cloud App Development

Your business is unique, and you need greater agility with Oracle Eloqua to solve problems or leverage opportunities.  Whatever you can imagine, we can build a custom Eloqua cloud app to meet your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Satisfy unique requirements for your business with custom cloud app development

Contact to CO Updater

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Create or modify a custom object with contact data

In your workflow, you may need to create Custom Object (CO) records using data on a contact record or even a static value. For example, recording a new campaign activity. It is not simple or even possible in some cases using Oracle Eloqua’s out-of-the-box features. The Contact to CO Updater allows to create or modify CO Records using a combination of contact and static values.

Key Benefits

  • Create or update CO records on program or campaign canvas
  • Store any combination of contact or static values in CO

Contact CO Deleter

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The Contact CO Deleter Cloud App removes custom object records mapped to contact for a single custom object. This helps prevents the buildup of unusable data and keeps your Eloqua data clean.

Key Benefits

  • Remove all mapped records in a single custom object
  • Works in a contact program or campaign canvas
  • Eliminates problem with unmapped records

CO to Contact Updater (CO Based)


Update Contact from CO Using a Custom Object Program

The CO to Contact Updater Cloud App enables Eloqua users to Update Contacts from CO records using a Custom Object Program

Key Benefits

  • Create Custom Object Programs that update Contact records
  • Update Contact Records using linked CO data in Custom Object Program
  • Define field mapping to store data from CO record to the Contact record

CO to Contact Updater

With Eloqua Custom Objects (CO), you can easily segment and send hyper-personalized, time-appropriate customer communication. Use the CO to Contact Updater Cloud App to find the required CO record and update one or more Contact record fields, making it ready for personalization or sending data through CRM integration.

Key Benefits

  • Works on Campaign Canvas or Program Canvas for Contact Programs
  • Find linked CO records using one or more filter criteria statements
  • Define field mapping to store data from CO record to the Contact record

CO to CO Updater

Create or update CO records from another CO

If you need to create or copy data from one Custom Object (CO) to another, Eloqua does not offer this capability out of the box. With CO to CO Updater, you can create or update CO Records using another CO’s data, static values, or both.

Key Benefits

    • Create or Update CO records from another CO
    • Map fields to copy data
    • Configure static values

CO to CO Lookup

Find matching CO records and copy data to the source CO

The CO to CO Lookup Cloud App searches a lookup CO for a match in the source CO record. If a match is found, the app then stores the corresponding value(s) from the lookup CO into a selected field(s) in the Source CO record.

Key Benefits

  • Configure source and lookup CO sets on program canvas
  • Map values to move from Lookup CO to Source CO
  • Create or update CO record field(s) from lookup CO