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On-Demand Webinar Replay: Delivering Qualified Leads to Sales Faster

Watch our on-demand webinar replay: “Delivering Qualified Leads to Sales Faster”.Read more

Turn Data into Personalized Emails with Oracle Eloqua

Data is the lifeblood of the marketing industry. Marketers instinctively want to leverage data for personalization. For Eloqua users, that might include storing data in Custom Data Object (CO) records to keep everything organized. Unfortunately, all the data-filled Custom Objects in the world don’t do a lot of good unless you know how to convertRead more

Manipulating Data in Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects

Marketers know that Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects (COs) can do quite a bit when used correctly. As an Oracle Partner company, we get a lot of questions about what you can do with the data stored in COs. And we have good news! Eloqua’s Program Canvas, introduced in 2016, gives you plenty more options thanRead more

10 Best Practices for Creating Eloqua Forms

Businesses naturally want to generate leads. And if a customer is already on your website, an online form is one of the best ways to capture them as a lead. Directing the customer to the form is easy enough. But unfortunately, getting the form in front of your contact doesn’t guarantee that they’ll actually fillRead more

3 Eloqua Insight User Tips Learned the Hard Way

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing insights directly from several of our on-staff experts on various marketing topics. We hope you enjoy! Oracle Eloqua Insight, powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE), is a powerful tool to analyze your data across Eloqua. It contains several out-of-the-box reports which coverRead more

Eloqua Segmentation & Marketing Automation Strategies

Marketing automation systems like Oracle Eloqua are designed to make your job easier and your campaigns more effective by leveraging data and content to deliver personalized messages at the perfect time. However, you can’t expect it to do all your work for you. Neither should you be overly cautious and miss out on what itRead more

Oracle Eloqua Planning – What to Do Next Infographic

Your management is thinking about how to make this year rock… and if you want to be a part of it, now is the time to prepare your vision for kick-ass Oracle Eloqua improvements.  The Infographic below takes you through a step by step process where you can see what you’ve done and directly whereRead more

The Key to Building A Stronger Segmentation Strategy

Building a strong segmentation strategy is one of the most important components of any marketing program, and having one will ensure that you maximize overall marketing effectiveness. Everything starts with segmentation! Without good segmentation, how can you be confident that the right leads are being targeted with the right message? Without insight into your database,Read more

Manipulating data in Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects

In a recent blog post, we discussed the amazing power behind Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects (COs – also known from their legacy name initials as CDOs).  As an Oracle Partner, we often are asked what can be done with the data in COs.  Unfortunately, the answer is very little when you look at out-of-the-box functionalityRead more

Four Marketing Automation Takeaways from Pokemon Go 6

Four Marketing Automation Takeaways from Pokemon Go

Wow!  In only 5 days, Pokemon Go has gone from launch to become the Biggest Game Ever with a user base that looks likely to surpass Twitter and with more engagement than Facebook … in days!   I’m not going to take the time to explain the game or the phenomena here… if you’re not upRead more