5 Reasons to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Oracle Unity CDP & Eloqua

5 Reasons to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Oracle Unity CDP & Eloqua 7

Eloqua users already know how extensive its capabilities truly are. But what if it could do even more? What if your team could use Eloqua for more effective marketing campaigns and long-term plans? That’s all possible when you pair Eloqua with another tool from Oracle: Oracle Unity CDP. Today, we’re looking at a few important advantages this pair-up offers.

1. Advanced Segmentation for Refined Targeting

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is fragmented customer data. This was the case for a leading financial institution struggling with siloed information. Combining the capabilities of both Oracle Unity CDP and Eloqua, they unified their customer data, allowing for advanced segmentation. This integration enabled them to create precise segments and apply AI-driven insights to determine the next best actions.

The results were impressive: a 24x faster performance in building segments and a 4x increase in generating next best actions, leading to more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

2. 360-Degree Customer View

Understanding your customer’s journey across various touchpoints is crucial. To understand this further, let’s look at another real-world example. A major telecommunications company solved its fragmented data issue by integrating 23 data sources into Oracle Unity. This holistic view enabled them to run evergreen campaigns and deliver personalized experiences in real time.

Once again, the results speak for themselves. The company saw a 20% lift in performance for new opportunities and reduced segment creation time from weeks to the same day.

3. Improved Lead Scoring & Nurturing

For other companies, identifying high-value leads and nurturing them effectively is a challenge. One particular international company discovered this the hard way. By integrating their customer data into Oracle Unity and applying AI models, they significantly improved their lead scoring. This allowed them to deliver high-quality leads to Eloqua, where personalized campaigns could be executed.

The impact was substantial, with a 230% increase in lead submissions and a 5% increase in order uptake.

4. Consistent Omnichannel Experience

Customers deserve a seamless, headache-free experience across all channels. Oracle itself faced challenges in this area, spending excessive time on manual processes. By utilizing its own tool to centralize customer data and integrate it with various other tools, including Eloqua, Oracle automated 70% of its marketing transactions.

This resulted in faster campaign execution, a reduction in lead time from weeks to days, and a 33% increase in opportunity size.

5. Reducing Churn & Increasing Cross-Sell/Upsell Opportunities

Oracle Unity also allows users to take a proactive approach to opportunities. For example, a prestigious car brand aimed to enhance its upsell and cross-sell efforts, particularly in the context of new car services and warranty renewals. By integrating its customer data into Oracle Unity and applying predictive models, it could foresee customer needs and engage them proactively.

This led to a 29% increase in revenue and a 39% callback rate from customers, not to mention the amount of time saved by this approach.

Why Choose Oracle Unity CDP?

Oracle Unity stands out for several reasons:

  • Safety, security, and scalability: Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Unity CDP ensures your data is secure and scalable.
  • Comprehensive data integration: Oracle Unity connects both front and back-office data, offering a complete view of your customer.
  • Industry-specific data models: Ready-to-use models offer quick implementation and faster realization of benefits.
  • Native AI/ML capabilities: Built-in intelligence helps to predict customer needs and optimize engagement.
  • Flexible mastering of profiles: Oracle Unity can master various data points, such as products or business-specific needs.
  • Seamless journey orchestration: Oracle Unity enables the creation of personalized and real-time customer journeys across all touchpoints.


Oracle Unity CDP and Eloqua offer a powerful combination for marketers looking to enhance their strategies. By unifying customer data, applying advanced AI insights, and enabling seamless integration across channels, these tools help create personalized and effective marketing campaigns. Whether it’s improving lead scoring, delivering consistent omnichannel experiences, or reducing churn, Oracle Unity and Eloqua can elevate your marketing efforts to new heights.

For more information on how Oracle Unity and Eloqua can transform your marketing strategy, contact the 4Thought Marketing team today.


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