What is an Opt-In Email Series?

opt-in email

Email marketing still works! According to Statista, the global email marketing complex was worth $9.62 billion USD in 2022, and is estimated to reach as high as $17.9 billion USD by 2027.

Savvy marketers understand the need to take full advantage of email marketing. But as those same savvy marketers know by now, simply sending out a mass campaign of identical emails doesn’t work. Neither does sending these emails to people who have never heard of their company before and might not be interested.

Fortunately, modern marketing has a solution: opt-in email marketing, also known as nurture emails. This approach to email marketing allows businesses to take advantage of this very lucrative promotional strategy while keeping customers engaged—and, more importantly, spending money. Today, we’ll be looking a little closer at what makes an opt-in email series and how valuable it truly is.

opt-in email

What is an Opt-In Email Series?

An opt-in email series is a marketing strategy that involves sending a series of emails to subscribers who have explicitly given their consent to receive these emails. One significant benefit should be obvious right away. Since the subscribers have explicitly asked to receive these marketing emails, they’re already interested in what you have to offer. As a result, a well-executed opt-in email series can result in:

  • Higher engagement: Since subscribers have voluntarily opted-in to receive the emails, they are likely to be more interested and engaged in the content. This can lead to higher click-through rates, as well as better conversion rates.
  • Improved targeting: Opt-in email series allow you to segment your audience based on their interests and preferences, which allows for more targeted messaging. This can result in higher engagement and a better overall experience for subscribers.
  • Better deliverability: Since opt-in email series are sent to subscribers who have explicitly given their consent, they are less likely to be marked as spam or junk. This can improve your sender reputation and overall email deliverability.
  • Increased brand loyalty: By providing subscribers with valuable and relevant content, opt-in email series can help build trust and loyalty with your brand. This can lead to increased customer retention and advocacy.
  • Greater insights: By tracking subscriber behavior and engagement with your emails, you can gain valuable insights into what resonates with your audience. This can help inform future marketing efforts and improve overall ROI.

This is an excerpt from our newest white paper: The Value of a Nurture Email Campaign. For a closer look at each bullet point, and an in-depth review of how an opt-in email campaign can give your business a marketing boost, click here to download the full white paper for free.


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